Sunday, 6 February 2022

21st Birthday celebrations!

 Rocheberie Schoolhouse Quilters was started early in 2001 by a group of quilters, including Laura, Gaynor, Muriel and Cherry.  They met at Crescent School because Cherry worked there and it proved to be a popular venue, with a spacious room, good car parking and kitchen facilities.  Initially meetings were four times a year, but due to popular demand, there are now six meetings each year of this friendly and sociable group.  Due to the Covid pandemic and other considerations, the group has relocated to Dunchurch Village Hall, where we have been made very welcome.  

Our 21st celebration was well attended, and people thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed timetable. 

We had two workshops, the first a little felt needle case. 

Here are a few completed ones. 
This was followed by a little zipped purse, which was very cute. 

We also had two quizzes, a story to include lots of quilt blocks, which provided a lot of fun.  One table wanted to include ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ but were a bit hampered by the lack of quilt block names on those subjects! They did manage to include a murder though.  Poor Overall Sam was bludgeoned to death with a monkey wrench! 

Lynda brought her temperature quilts to show and tell.  The one on the left is for 2021 and on the right 1950.  It was an investigation into climate change, and certainly showed how2021 was overall warmer the 1950. 

Here is a gorgeous Harry Potter themed quilt (I love how Heather is having to stand on tiptoes. ) 

Here is a great Linus quilt featuring Kevin the carrot! Great fun. 

This beauty unfortunately hasn’t photographed well.  It is a quilt made from Sandy Lush candlewicking designs and is exquisite with.  It was made quilt as you go, which makes the back of the quilt very colourful. 

Our next meeting, on March 12th will be of the usual format, with Michelle Moody as our afternoon speaker.  Continuing to celebrate our anniversary, we will be holding a competition to make a jeans bag.  This can be a tote, a handbag, cross body or messenger as you wish.  Join in the fun and win a prize! 

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

 We are all geared up for our next meeting on 5th February, when we will be celebrating our 21st birthday!  We will have two workshops with free kits, two quizzes with prizes, bunting, chocolate and all the usual attractions!  You will need to bring a hand sewing kit with needles, pins, scissors and threads including some black, if you have it. Bring your sense of humour too, as it will be a blast!  

In other news, we are even more delighted with our new venue, as they have someone who is happy to put out the tables and chairs, and put them away again!  A small fee is involved, but that is nothing compared to the relief we feel at not having to wrestle with furniture before and after each meeting!  

Saturday, 13 November 2021

First meeting in our new venue

 We were sad to have to leave our old venue of Crescent School, but we are delighted to have found another venue in Dunchurch Village Hall.  It’s quite easy to find on the main Rugby Road through Dunchurch and has great parking.  Phil was very friendly and helpful to us, and made us very welcome.   The main room was perfect and the whole place was clean, modern and well set up.  

We had a great turnout of about 70 people, but although it looks busy in this photo, we only had six chairs per table, and provided plenty of ventilation.  

Here is a different view of the hall, showing how spacious it was. 

Our speaker was Karen from Quilter’s Den in Warwick, and she proved to be an interesting and enjoyable speaker, with lots of lovely quilts to show.  

Here she is with her ‘pop up shop’ which was perfect for those of us who had been recently starved of retail therapy.  She had a good selection of fabrics and I managed to go home with a few beautiful designs. 

Unfortunately, Caroline was indisposed, but luckily Julie was able to step in and run the raffle.  The raffle, cake and magasines money all goes to our nominated charity, so. Is quite important! 
The next meeting will be on the 5th February, which will be out 21st birthday party.  We will have three different workshops and some fun games, as well as cake!  You will need to bring a sewing kit and a small wadding off cut, something like 6” x 8”.  I’m sure most people have that.  See you in 2022. 

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

So good to be back!

 It was so good to be back with our Rocheberie friends on Saturday!  We had been concerned about the parking, but in the event there was loads of room, both in the car park and on the road.  The venue was an ideal size for our first meeting (39 people came) and the kitchen and toilets were lovely! 

We limited the chairs to just six per table, and some people wore masks but because of the large room, and having the doors open, everyone felt safe.  

There was room for the Linus rummage box plus two other sales tables, and everyone enjoyed the familiar friendly atmosphere which always pertains at a Rocheberie meeting. 

We just had one demo, hexagon hedgehogs, which proved to be quite popular.  The show and tell was of the usual excellent standard, and so was the cake!  
The next meeting will be at Dunchurch Village Hall, on November 13th, and our speaker will be Karen McIlwraith from Quilters’Den in Warwick.  She will bring her pop up shop, so lots of chance for retail therapy!  
Meetings 2022
February 5th 21st birthday party
March 12th Michelle Moody
May 14th Carolyn Gibbs
July 9th Ami James
September 10th Mark Francis
November 12th Kathleen Laurel Sage 

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

We’re Back!

 It’s hard to believe that our last Rocheberie meeting was in January 2020, which is nineteen months ago!  Nobody thought the coronavirus pandemic would last so long.  Of, course, it’s not over yet, but we are starting to get back to normal activities.  Most people were aware that Crescent School were having difficulties accommodating us.  We understand that their priorities are education, rather than hiring out to quilting groups, but as we have been there for over 20 years, we were hoping to work something out.  We started to look for another venue which could accommodate between 70 and 90 people, had a kitchen and car parking and was in Rugby.  This proved more difficult than you might think, as lots of venues have weddings and birthday parties, sports clubs, dancing lessons or other regular activities on Saturdays, have in house catering, and the ones in the town have no decent car parking facilities.  However, the committee have decided to move our meetings to Dunchurch Village Hall, which should suit us well.  The only downside is that they are already booked for our September 18th meeting, so we will hold a one off social meeting at St Peter and St Johns Church on Clifton Road in Rugby.  We will open at 9.45 as usual and have demos, raffle, cake, sales tables and show and tell etc as usual, but there will be no speaker.  Here is a photo of the church, and we hope to see you there! 

Sunday, 16 February 2020

January 2020

We were lucky with the weather this year - no snow and no ice - and so lots of people were able to come to our January meeting.  We were lucky enough to have the clever Sheena Roberts as our speaker. 

Her subject was one close to my heart.  Just because someone is a very talented person (quilter) doesn't necessarily mean they are a good teacher.  As a teacher myself, I have been appalled at the behaviour and reported behaviour of some well-known quilters at workshops, and am amazed that people pay good money to waste their time, and then never say anything to the person involved.  Sheena was very modest, and felt that while her work was not exceptional, the work she encouraged her students to do, lead them to greater creativity and achievement.  It was a very interesting talk. 

 This year we are thinking of ways to be green, so Caroline showed how to use confetti scraps to make new fabric using soluble Vilene.

Chris had brought sewing related items which had been donated to charity - a prime example of reuse. 

 Gaynor was manning the raffle, the prizes of which had been wrapped in newspaper. Our charity this year has yet to be decided.  Well vote for it at the next meeting.

Quite a few people entered our ugly fabric swap.  The idea was that other people's fabric is always nicer than yours, so by donating something you think is ugly, may well turn out to be useable to someone else.

 Here is the hall, busy as usual.

 There were members' sales tables too, so there was chance to bag a bargain from someone's cast offs.
Next meeting we will have a green 5" square swap.  Cut a green fat quarter into 12 x 5" squares and put in a named bag.  At the end of the meeting, your bag will be returned to you with 12 different green squares.  If you want to bring more bags, you'll get more squares!  there will also be examples of ways you can use your squares too!  See you in March.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

November meeting

The November meeting was an exciting one, because apart from our lovely speaker, Sue O'Riordan, we had our very popular fabric challenge!

Here is Sue with some of her fabulous ice dyed fabric.  Lots of people were interested in learning more about this technique.  Sue became particularly interested in dyeing when she embarked on a City and Guilds course.  She showed how her imagination was stimulated by doing an extended course in quilting.  Day classes are great fun, but don't often lead to more new things.  I'm not sure she convinced our members that C&G was for them, but you never know! 

It was a busy morning, with a sales table and three demos.  I showed reusable Christmas bags, Di an integral zip and Alison some lovely Christmas ornament ideas. 

Forty people took challenge kits and thirty five people brought entries!  Here are some in no particular order.

The brown was a bit challenging for some. 

But it goes well with yellow. 

And pink. 

Rail fence variation. 

Another March hare. 

Bright pinwheels and coffee and cream. 

A gorgeous scrap quilt and Hickory, dickory dock! 

Sorry this one is dark.  It's a dark pineapple! 

You can't go wrong with square blocks! 

Here is a small duck quilt, a cushion and a bag. 

We hung the quilts from skirt hangers on the tops of notice boards. 

Such a variety of ideas! 

What a clever idea to use a Dresden Plate as a clock! 

It was hard for me to get good photos of all of the quilts due to the width of the corridor. 

This woven effect is intriguing.

Two quilts using rectangles.

 A great log cabin quilt and another using a similar technique. 

And the winners?  Third prize went to Jacquie with this cog like design. 

Second prize to Jo, with this stained glass window idea. 

And first prize to Gaynor for this beautifully designed and balanced quilt. Well done to everyone who entered, and especially the winners! 
Happy Christmas and a healthy and productive New Year. See you in January!